@ponapalt Zi says it's not very urgent, so if this is an ssp issue I hope it doesn't interfere with your priorities in reality.
Personally, I'm currently looking forward to BTS544 and BTS546, but still, not urgent (I'm having fun optimising string and hash in elc with a friend these days).
Have a nice day! :blobok:


@ponapalt It looks like ssp can't analyse ukagakadreamteam.com/wiki/feed or ukagakadreamteam.com/wiki/feed, which seems to be causing a bit of trouble for Zi
Since both Zi and I are not familiar with rss, I'd like to ask if this is a problem with the wiki itself or with the parsing of ssp :meow_thinking:

By the time the next version of ssp fixes bts544 and implements bts546, ghost_installer will be fully available🎉
I'm now considering whether to write a unified ghost_installer resource editor for customisation or recommend a generic exe resource file modifier :meow_thinking:

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It would be nice if there was a tool to automatically move the strings written in the source code to the rc file :blobjoy:

@ponapalt I've finally put my school work behind me and can get back to working on the ghost installer! :blobok:
For now I need some help, as the prog package provided on the ssp website is a zip file and the current ghost installer expects it to get a self-extracting file
Can you provide some support for this?

Uno dei vantaggi dello sviluppo con git è che si possono mettere in altri rami le funzionalità in fase di sviluppo, quelle rimosse, quelle sviluppate ma non utilizzate e quelle in bozza e riportarle quando servono facendo doppio clic su di esse. :blobcool:

In c++ development, the files generated automatically by vs can be several gb
tama, ayaya and other ghost development-related tools, as well as some saori's compilation files, took up 17gb of space in this cleanup, mainly autoPCH


Taromati2's ghost folder (which contains the ghost, shell, balloon's git folder and files generated by daily use) is 358.4mb in size
Taromati2's update mirror's git folder is 108.1mb in size (common files are hard-linked to the ghost folder so they don't take up volume)
The total size of the package factory that automatically generates installers such as nar is 179.3mb, including a copy of ssp (20.8mb) and a minimally optimised copy of ghost (8.5mb, which completes all features and files over the network in the user's initial run), with an additional copy of the contents of the package for completion (16.3mb)
And a normal Taromati2 folder installed and used by the user (with all shells installed) is around 189mb in size
In summary, if you maintain and update ghost via git, even if you keep your development and release in separate git repositories and use a Taromati2-like package factory to automatically generate ghost installers, the total size of your development ghost files will be around 3 times the size of normal ghost use as long as you configure the files properly, which is not very large.

I wrote this feature a few months ago, but haven't used it so far
So I haven't committed this new thing to the git repository :blobcry:

After I fixed a very serious bug I started to understand why some software has a forced update feature
(Wish ukagaka also had important update reminder function for users who don't update for long time)

I created a draft of my intended icon animation script at github.com/Taromati2/ghost/com :blobrofl:
Do you have suggestions for changes?
e.g. settings that need to be standardised or keywords that need to be changed (in order to be consistent with the shell script style)
or to set aside for future expansion :blobok:

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