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I retract the claim that github copilot can't patch ayaya code

Compressing yaya, the latest development version of upx is about 3kb smaller than the last stable version released a year ago
The bad news is that the problem of accessing the wrong memory is still not solved, i.e. it cannot be loaded by the latest version of SSP whether it is compressed saori or shiori

@ponapalt This change causes an error in one out of 2-3 reloads after compiling in my case
I'm not sure if it's a problem with MS's STL or the code I've written.

@nikolat "予期せぬ例外が発生しました。\n問題を特定するために、レポートファイル ""Dump.dmp"" を開発者に送信してください。"


I hate keeping an update log. :blobugh:
Why isn't there something like GitHub Copilot that automatically generates an update log.....

I want to delete this SLEEP call, but once I do it will cause the DIRSync to not work properly :meow_thinking:
I am at a loss :blobpensive:

I just realized that I missed something in the yaya code for the file operate :meow_thinking:
This may be the reason why the source file still exists after FMOVE🏳️
:uka_kanban: In short, the underlying implementation of yaya is right, it's me who is wrong :uka_kanban:
Now I've looked on Google for a discussion of the bug that returns true for wine and MoveFile, but there doesn't seem to be anything about it :blobdizzy:
I'm considering whether to undo this ver's change to MoveFile
Even if there is a problem with wine, I'm sure the people who maintain wine will fix it without yaya having to worry about it. :blobok:

Although the idea of github copilot shocked me, it seems to have written something logically problematic
I don't know why it happened that the source file still existed after FMOVE
So I fixed it this way....
Feel free to change it if there is a better way